Ph. D. course

Please see this linked document. We are looking for Ph. D. students from all over the world.

Master course

At first, we will discuss with you to decide your research plan for your two years. Based on your interests, specialities, and personalities, we will carefully choose your research topic. According to this decision, you will begin your research. To promote your research efficiently, we will hold a meeting of an interim report once a month. At the meeting, you can exchange ideas with Prof. Masuhara, Dr. Miura, and Dr. Uwada. This discussion with three doctors is an unique feature of our lab. In consideration of your progress, you have several chances to go to Japan as a part of collaborative work with Prof. Y. Hosokawa and Prof. T. Sugiyama in Nara Institute of Science and Technology. Of course, you can attend international conferences if you successfully give smashing results. Such international experiences will help you to grow up drastically.

Bachelar course

For bachelar students, we think understanding our backgrounds and recent trends in our related field, and advancement of logical thinking are the most important. So we will hold a meeting of a reading circles or journal reviews for several months. After that, a research topic will be given for each student. Summarising a thesis will assocate your knoledgements each other and cultivate your understandings, this should be useful not only for your future research but also for your future bussiness.


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