應用化學系 搆エ 宏 (Prof. Hiroshi MASUHARA)
Laser Nano Trapping, Laser Nano Ablation, Laser Nano spectroscopy, Photochemistry, Physical Chemistry

Laser trapping and ablation of nano materials are nonlinear optical and photochemistry phenomena and their studies attract many scientists and engineers due to their high potential in feature bio and nano sciences. We are preforming following topics by collaborating with many laboratories in Taiwan, Japan, Brunei, and Belgium.

(a) How to observe and analyze laser trapping dynamics of molecules and nanoparticles?

Imaging and micro spectroscopy of laser trapping dynamics of nanoparticles Development of a new microscope with two objective lenses enabling three-dimensional analysis of trapping dynamic Optical resonance enhancement of dye-doped nanoparticles Assembling dynamics based on laser trapping induced giant dipole formation Assembling dynamics based on optical scattering, propagation at interface

(b) Ultrashort laser pluses can trap nanoparticles more efficiently compared to conventional laser trapping

Drag and release dynamics of nanoparticles in femtosecond laser trapping Efficient trapping and succeeding ejection dynamics of nanoparticles

(c) Let’s explore new laser-induced phenomena of supramolecular and biomolecular system

Femtosecond laser-induced formation of amyloid fibrils of several proteins Laser trapping-induced assembling of supramolecules

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