Recent 3 papers

"Novel physical chemistry approaches in biophysical researches with advanced application of lasers: Detection and manipulation"
K. Iwata, M. Terazima, H. Masuhara
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) - General Subjects, 2018, 1862, 335-357

"Femtosecond laser trapping dynamics of nanoparticles: a single transient assembly formation leading to their directional ejection"
W.-Y. Chiang, A. Usman, T. Sugiyama, J. Hofkens, and H. Masuhara
Journal of Physical Chemistry C, in press

"Enhanced optical confinement of dielectric nanoparticles by two-photon resonance transition"
A. Kittiracechote, A. Usman, I. Liau and H. Masuhara
RSC Advances, 2017, 7, 42606-42613

Recent news in 2017

Dr. Kudo had a invited talk at Osaka University (Dec. 2017)

Dr. W.-Y. Chiang obtained Dual Ph.D. degrees (NCTU and KULuven)! Thesis title:Nanoscale Material dynamics and manipulation under confined optical field (Nov. 2017)

Mr. S.-J. Yang obtained his master degree! Thesis title: Gold nanoparticle assembly formation with directional extension outside the focus induced by cooperative optical trapping, scattering and interference (October 2017)

Mr. C.-L. Wu obtained his master degree! Thesis title: A single enormously spreading assembly of polystyrene nanoparticles formed by solution surface laser trapping (Augest 2017)

Ms. C.-J. Chang obtained her master degree! Thesis title:

Prof. Masuhara had a invited talk at :

Takatsuki High school students visited our laboratory:

We had a Summer course 2017

Dr. Hiromasa Niinomi (Chiba University) stay in our lab for 2 months. (4/17/2017)

Dr. Shutaro Ishida (RIES, Hokkaido University) stay in our lab for 1 week. (2/19/2017)

Mr. Masamichi Nisogi and Mr. Keisuke Masuda (Ehime Univ.) stay in our lab for 1 month. (6/11/2016)

・Mr. Daiki Suzuki and Mr. Kazuki Okano (Saitama Univ.) stay in our lab for 2 months. (14/10/2016)

・Dr. Ken-ichi Yuyama was promoted to an assistant professor of Research Institute for Electronic Science (RIES) at Hokkaido University. (1/10/2016).

・Dr. Yugo Hayashi (NAIST) stays in our lab for 1 months. (15/2/2016)

・We organized 3rd NCTU-NAIST Joint Workshop on Laser Bio/Nano Science on Jan. 28th. (28/1/2016)

・Mr. Shimpei Nishimura in Saitama University received the degree of Master of Science from NCTU in the framework of Double Master Degree Program.
 He is the first student of the Double Master Degree Program. Congratulation!!


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