Recent 3 papers

" Resonance optical trapping of individual dye-doped polystyrene particles with blue- and red-detuned lasers" Opt. Express

"Photocontrolled Supramolecular Assembling of Azobenzene-Based Biscalix[4]arenes upon Starting and Stopping Laser Trapping" Langmuir

" Optically evolved assembly formation in laser trapping of polystyrene nanoparticles at solution surface" Langmuir

Recent news in 2017

Dr. Hiromasa Niinomi (Chiba University) stay in our lab for 2 months. (4/17/2017)

Dr. Shutaro Ishida (RIES, Hokkaido University) stay in our lab for 1 week. (2/19/2017)

Mr. Masamichi Nisogi and Mr. Keisuke Masuda (Ehime Univ.) stay in our lab for 1 month. (6/11/2016)

・Mr. Daiki Suzuki and Mr. Kazuki Okano (Saitama Univ.) stay in our lab for 2 months. (14/10/2016)

・Dr. Ken-ichi Yuyama was promoted to an assistant professor of Research Institute for Electronic Science (RIES) at Hokkaido University. (1/10/2016).

・Dr. Yugo Hayashi (NAIST) stays in our lab for 1 months. (15/2/2016)

・We organized 3rd NCTU-NAIST Joint Workshop on Laser Bio/Nano Science on Jan. 28th. (28/1/2016)

・Mr. Shimpei Nishimura in Saitama University received the degree of Master of Science from NCTU in the framework of Double Master Degree Program.
 He is the first student of the Double Master Degree Program. Congratulation!!


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